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Barry's BlackBox

A flight tracker and ACARS client for FlightGear

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List of Supported Virtual Airlines

Barry’s BlackBox works with every Virtual Airlines Website which is powered by phpVMS.

In order to connect to a Virtual Airlines, you need to configure the kACARS settings of Barry’s Blackbox. You need the kACARS-URL of your virtual airlines, your Pilot-ID and your Password.

For version 1.7 and all later versions

In version v1.7 the configuration has been simplified. Now the kACARS URL of your virtual airline is simply the host name of your virtual airlines. So if your airline is available at you just need to enter this URL or the host name into your kACARS settings.

Of course the kACARS URLs for all previous versions are still supported.

For version 1.6 and all earlier versions

Please check the table of Verified Virtual Airlines for your favorite airline. If you do not find your favorite virtual airline in the table below, just append the path /action.php/kacars_free to the airlines host name.

Example: If for example your Airline site URL is, and it is based on phpVMS, then the correct kACARS URL is

Verified Virtual Airlines

The following table contains a list of Virtual Airlines which have been verified to work with Barry’s Blackbox. Verified means, that all supported kACARS features (downloading bid, submitting PIREP, Live Update) have been successfully tested by Barry.

Virtual Airline kACARS URL (v1.7 and later) kACARS URL (v1.6 and earlier)
Atlas Virtual Airlines
European Virtual Airlines
Historic Airline Group
Worldwide Virtual

There are hundrets of Virtual Airlines available online, and lots of them are based on phpVMS, so the list of certified VAs will never be complete.

You can support us by posting a message on Barry’s Blackbox Facebook Page if you successfully used Barry’s Blackbox with an airline which is not in the list above.